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Histone modification dynamics in the brain

Our primary research goal is to understand how the dynamic regulation of chromatin, the DNA-containing macromolecule, engages in brain development and function. The results of our studies will likely provide an important foundation for future treatments of cognitive disorders, such as intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. We are located within the Dept. of Human Genetics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.


New paper published

Some models of neurodevelopmental disorders surprisingly show ectopic expression of germline genes in the brain. In this perspective article, we explore this soma-to-germline transformation could lead to a severe identity crisis of brain cells—potentially interfering with normal brain development. 

Community impact

Our lab

We're proud to support the efforts of the patient foundations and groups for the genes we study. 

We are a diverse group of scientists passionate about chromatin dynamics in the developing brain! 

The Core Question

A central question underpinning our research is how the chemical language embedded in chromatin engages in brain development and function.

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