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Shigeki Iwase Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



We are looking for post-doc and graduate students!

Join us and discover new chromatin regulation 

underlying brain development and function!


1150 W. Medical Center Dr. 

5815 Medical Science II 
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5618



The University of Michigan Medical School

Department of Human Genetics


Do you have a mutation in one of the genes we study?

Create a profile on MyGene2 to help connect genetic specialists, researchers like us, and other families to better understand these genes and the disorders they cause. This site empowers families to enter information about individual signs and symptoms (phenotypes), as well as the exact genetic information (genotype). Experts cannot connect the phenotypes with genotype, unless the detailed genetic information is reported in a trusted data repository like MyGene2. This site is a free, public, searchable site that makes it easier to discover the genetic basis of rare conditions, diagnose rare conditions, and understand genotype-phenotype relationships.

If you have trouble entering the genetic information or any information, the MyGene2 support team is very helpful:

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