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Rare Disease Day 2022

Our lab had the honor of organizing some of the University of Michigan's Rare Disease Day 2022 virtual meeting.

In addition to the fantastic lineup of speakers, our lab invited Dr. Hans Bjornsson to give a keynote lecture about his inspiring bench-to-bedside research on KMT2A and Weidemann-Steiner Syndrome.

Drs. Shigeki Iwase and Julie Secombe spoke about advancements in their research on KDM5C and the power & promise of animal models for rare disease research.

Dr. Christina Vallianatos also lead a discussion with KDM5C families focusing on the future of a rare disorder with active patient and research communities, the potential for a unified KDM5C Registry, and community care and wellness for those who are rare.

Thank you to all who attended and participated!

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